Our Males

GC, NW KCDancers Sir William

2006-07 - CFA's 24th Best Kitten Nationally
2006-07 - Northwest Region's 2nd Best Kitten
2006 - CFA International Show, Best American Shorthair Kitten in Show,
Best Shorthair Kitten in Show, 4th Best Allbreed Kitten in Show

Sire of DW KCDancers Sir Winston of Kit,
2009-10 Best Kitten in Asia/Latin America

GC, NW KCDancers Eye-Of-The Tiger

2008-09 - CFA's 25th Best Kitten Nationally
2009-10 - CFA's 12th Best Cat Nationally
2008-09 - Northwest Region's Best Kitten
2009-10 - Northwest Region's Best Cat
2009 - CFA International Show, Best American Shorthair Cat in Show,
Best Shorthair Cat in Show, Highest Scoring Cat in Show

GC, RW Royal Road Super Eagle of KCDancers

Silver Tabby Male

Northwest Region's 25th Best Kitten, 2009-10


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